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Looking Out From the Cage

Looking Out From the Cage

Your purchases have aided the rehabilitation and adoptions for many animals and for that we thank you! 

We're so excited to share the success stories of the amazing dogs who have found loving forever homes. 


Looking Out From the Cage

Trapped, voiceless, and shut off from the world – the caged dog is one of the most heartbreaking stories you will hear about in dog rescue.

Unseen, hidden from view and living in the dark was how Sumo and Milo were discovered. An often-heard tale, their owner had passed away, the family did not want them; they were considered and extra expense the family couldn’t afford. Thanks to a chance visit by a neighbor, Sumo and Milo would have most likely spent the rest of their lives hidden away.

After having been caged for over one year, they were rescued. What would this second chance hold for them?

With patience and time, Sumo and Milo found new beginnings. With the amazing safety and security of their foster home, they learned how to be happy dogs again, to eat and live amongst other animals, to be held and spoken to and to sleep in soft beds – oh how good their life was now!

Today both Sumo and Milo have overcome their difficult beginnings. They have both been adopted by loving families in the USA where they are cherished members. All it took was to open the door.

 Sumo the dog is all smiles.Sumo now, looking happy and joyful.
Milo grins for the camera.

Milo is all smiles with his new foster family.

Sumo and Milo with their foster mom
Sumo and Milo with their foster mom.
The cage where Sumo and Milo were found
The cage where Sumo and Milo were found.


We at Helpen Pets want to thank the incredible rescuers, doctors and staff at Hand to Paw in Chiang Mai, Thailand for their dedication and love towards animals in need.