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Compassion Shows

Compassion Shows

Your purchases have aided the rehabilitation and adoptions for many animals and for that we thank you! 

It truly takes a village to support the needs of homeless dogs and provide them with immediate medical care. We wanted to share with you this heartwarming gallery of the amazing rescuers and volunteers who have spent their time nursing these lucky pups back to good health.

Each dog is assessed for their individual needs and money is raised for any surgeries required to give them a great quality of life. As you can see from the photos, they are well loved throughout the process with every bath and snuggle they receive from their caring humans.

We're so happy to learn that so many dogs have found forever homes both locally and around the world! Thank YOU for being a part of this goal!

We at Helpen Pets want to thank the incredible rescuers, doctors and staff at Hand to Paw in Chiang Mai, Thailand for their dedication and love towards animals in need.

Woman Volunteer Cuddles Shelter Dog Shelter Dog Kisses Nose of Volunteer
Woman Smiles as she Cradles Puppy In Her Hands
Young girls hug shelter dog
Sweet Shelter Dog Receives Pets From Volunteers Shelter Puppy Gets Their Ears Cleaned by Volunteer
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