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Kiko and The Abandoned Puppies

Kiko and The Abandoned Puppies

Your purchases have aided the rehabilitation and adoptions for many animals and for that we thank you! 

We're so excited to share the success stories of the amazing dogs who have found loving forever homes. 

Kiko and her Brother

Kiko and her brother were dumped at a housing construction site amongst empty homes, building materials, construction vehicles with no people living anywhere nearby. These poor pups had no access to food or water. When a local rescuer went to investigate, Kiko was the one that came up to them as if saying, “It's about time and I have a brother, too!” Both Kiko and her brother now have forever homes in and Denmark. Today they are loving family pets because one person chose to make a difference.

 Kiko the dog before her rescueKiko when she was found.

Two dogs sit with their owner on a couchKiko and her brother now living loved lives in Demark.

The Crematorium pups

Crematoriums are found all over Thailand within every village. Star, Tia and Mickey were found living inside the unused furnace at site that was high above ground level. This made it difficult for them to search for food and water. Within days of their rescue, the 3 pups blossomed into vibrant, trusting and happy dogs. Star and Tia have since been adopted together and now living starlet lives in Hollywood and Mickey is loved and adored by a Thai/British couple.
Tia and Star Now
Tia and Star Now
Abandoned Puppies in ThailandTia, Star and Mickey when they were found.

We at Helpen Pets want to thank the incredible rescuers, doctors and staff at Hand to Paw in Chiang Mai, Thailand for their dedication and love towards animals in need.

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