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From a Life on the Streets, To Loving Homes

From a Life on the Streets, To Loving Homes

Your purchases have aided the rehabilitation and adoptions for many animals and for that we thank you! 

We're so excited to share the success stories of the amazing dogs who have found loving forever homes. Enjoy Kato (Skippy) and Buddy's story below.

Skippy and Buddy have different, yet similar stories. They were two homeless dogs seeking out an existence on the streets of Thailand.
Skippy was hungry and sick and he thought he hit the jackpot when a kind-hearted woman fed him morsels of food across the fence from her rental home. What a find! – a little something to eat everyday and a kind stranger. Maybe he could even sleep in front of her fence. It appeared safer and away from all the other roaming dogs in this rural village.
Buddy, also malnourished, needy and looking for love – thought he found his spot it in front of the local 7-Eleven. There were many people, lots of snacks and a bit of air-conditioning could be felt through the automatic door. Maybe if he tried to follow one of them, they would take him home!
The owner of the rental home got wind of a stray dog hanging out in front of her property. She threatened to have Skippy poisoned by the end of the week if he was not gone.
Buddy, at his 7-11, trusted everyone was but was pushed away and yelled at every day. Despite it all, he continued to stay at the store. 
Their stories made it through the village grapevine and both dogs were rescued by a local dog rescue, fostered, and nursed to good health. Both of these dogs are now adopted overseas in the USA and will never again living happy lives with their new families.
 Smiling couple holds adopting dog in a hug

Happy dog rescued and adopted from Thailand

Skippy is now named Kato and lives in Southern California.

Woman and two young kids pose in a photo with a cream colored dog

Buddy is doing great with his family!

Cream colored dog relaxing in a red and grey camping chair

We at Helpen Pets want to thank the incredible rescuers, doctors and staff at Hand to Paw in Chiang Mai, Thailand for their dedication and love towards animals in need.

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