Scrollie Dog or Cat Elevated Pet Feeder

Scrollie  Dog or Cat Elevated Pet Feeder

Scrollie Dog or Cat Elevated Pet Feeder


The Farmhouse Chic Scrollie elevated pet bowls blend seamlessly into the decor and is designer made with your home in mind. Not only making your house Pinterest perfect, but also making your loved pets feel like they belong. Available in different heights to promote better pet digestion and comfort while eating as well as made with premium materials such as 304 FOOD-GRADE stainless steel bowls.  The purchase of every bowl goes towards feeding a homeless pet for 2 weeks and together we can all help get animals off the street, into warm arms and their own collar

• Made for Dogs and Cats
• Colors: Soft Pink, White, Cream or Gray
• Available in 4.5" Tall or 7" Tall Measurements: 16" W x 9" D
• Includes two 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel Bowls (Each Bowl Holds 2 3/4 Cups)
• Bowls Are Durable, Rust-Free & Safe for Humans, Pets and Dishwashers
• Bowls fit securely and prevent clanging noise while eating
• Rubber anti-slip guards are on each leg to prevent movement. Additional set included in box.
• Designer Made, hand-painted, and sealed to last, protecting them from water and food spills


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We believe our pets are our family and so we’ll only design the very best for them. Each batch of our stainless-steel bowls is tested by an independent lab to ensure that the levels are up to 304 grade safety standards because not all stainless-steel bowls are the same! 

Dimensions: 16”w x 9”d x 
Dimensions: 16” w x 9”d x 4.5” h
Stainless Steel Bowls 6.9” Diameter 1.6” Tall
Each bowl holds 2 3/4 cups 

How do I determine the correct height?

To determine the correct feeder height for your pet measure from the floor to the top of your pet’s shoulder when your pet is standing. From that measurement subtract 6" to determine correct feeder height. For example, if your pet measures 10" from its shoulders the correct feeder height is 4". 

Product Specifications

  • 1


    Designer created styles that compliment your home décor style. Many new styles to come!

  • 2


    Elevated design (4" or 7" tall) to promote your pet’s digestive health and provides a more comfortable feeding position. 

  • 3

    Durable & Safe

    TWO Premium Quality 304 FOOD-GRADE stainless steel bowls included. This stainless steel has been the material of choice for food processing industries. Our bowls are durable, rust-free, and safe for humans, pets and dishwashers. 

  • 4

    Easy to Clean

    Detachable bowls that are easy to remove and are dishwasher safe or can easily be cleaned by hand. Keeping the feeding environment clean, neat, and tidy.

  • 5


    Bowls fit securely and prevent clanging while eating or leaking onto the floor below.

  • 6


    Rubber anti slip guards are provided on each leg to prevent movement. Additional set of rubber guards also included. 

*Not all Stainless Steel is the same – many OTHER bowls contain high levels of lead. Each batch of our stainless-steel bowls is tested by an independent lab to confirm that it's high quality, 304 series (sometimes called 18/8) stainless steel. This testing checks the levels of lead, mercury and cadmium to make sure they are up to 304 grade standards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Stephanie Spence
French Cottage Chic

Lovely pet dishes.

Patricia Perez
Love my Helpen Pets

It's beautiful design my Pomeranian loves his new
bowl set. Thank you Helpen Pets
From : Patricia Perez & Rameses



Isabella Alfaro
7" height feeder arrived broken

I ordered a 4.5" feeder months ago for myself and loved it so much that I ordered the 7" one for my mother for Mother's Day. The feeder arrived with a broken leg and with rust colored stains on the bowls. I was annoyed with the bowls but brushed this off because her kitchen isn't brightly lit. I was able to push back the broken leg by matching up the splintered ends because I didn't want to be barehanded for my mother, but I wish that Helpen was better at packaging the fragile legs of the taller feeder. The only protected parts during shipment is the top of the feeder, but the legs are exposed within the box and can be easily broken during shipment.

Rachel Rosenberger
Best pet feeders around!

My bunnies love their pet feeder so much, we decided to get one for my parents’ dogs too! It made the perfect gift!

Here are just a few things that we love about Helpen Pets:
1. Purchasing one of these bowls helps feed a homeless pet for two weeks!
2. The elevated design provides a comfortable feeding position that aids digestion.
3. The customizable design options are stunning and unique! You can pick the design that’s perfect for your home.

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