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The team at the Bella Cottage is excited to present a new brand of elevated pet accessories: Helpen Pets!

As a subscriber to the Bella Cottage, you have two exclusive opportunities. The first is early access to our products. You'll always be the first to know, and we've set aside a number of bowls specifically for customers of the Bella Cottage.

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Say hello to pet accessories you won't mind leaving out.

Hey there - my name is Michelle. I've spent the past 15 years designing and curating high-end, designer furniture as the founder and CEO of The Bella Cottage. And I want to tell you a little bit more about our new brand, Helpen Pets.

I love pets. I have three dogs and a cat, and they are without a doubt one of the highlights of my life. They're warm, friendly, and a constant source of love. Our family just wouldn't feel the same without their presence.

I also hate most pet products. They’re the WORST - ugly, poorly designed, and an eyesore. And 4 fur babies means I have pet accessories EVERYWHERE. As someone who invests a fair amount of money into the design and feel of my home, that’s especially infuriating.

So after 15 years designing furniture for humans, we thought it was time to design furniture for our four-legged friends, with just as much care.

We started with elevated food-grade stainless steel pet bowls because they’re the most visible, most universal, and the most likely to be left out all the time. Your pet bowls should work to help compliment your home decor - the same way everything else does.

That's right, bowls that you actually want to leave out all the time - at at a special launch price of $44.99.

Designer pet accessories that match your home.

We're launching Helpen Pets with two high-end styles of elevated pet bowls that go great in both French Country Cottage and Shabby Chic interiors. Each style comes in white, pink, grey, or cream. Find the bowl that fits your home best!

We've got options for pup of all sizes.

Regardless of whether your pup is 25 lbs or 75 lbs, we have bowls for you. All of our sizes and color options come in both 4" and 7" varieties.

They don't just look great.
They help your pet's digestion.

Raising the bowls off the ground promotes better digestive health and provides a more comfortable eating position for your fur baby. We've also included two premium, food-grade stainless steel bowls that are safe for both your pet and in your dishwasher.

Buy a bowl, feed a rescue pet.

Helpen • Hel pen (verb - to help, to aid): stands for help in Dutch, which is exactly what we do. We help get animals off the street, into warm arms, good health, and their own collar. Because we’re more than designer elevated bowls for your pet: we’re a second chance for someone else’s.

For every bowl purchased, we're able to feed a rescue dog for a full two weeks.

And we won’t stop until every tail is wagging and every dog or cat knows what love is. It all starts at your home: with you, your own pet, and their bowl.

Lend a Helpen paw and feed the love.

Early reviews are in:


The quality of this pet feeder is just outstanding! Everything from the high quality bowls, beautiful swag detailing, and stunning turned legs. I was searching for a feeder that would look nice in my house and not look like a typical “dog bowl”. It literally looks like a tiny piece of furniture that fits right in to my kitchen. Both Ellie, my goldendoodle, and I are just in love.

— Jenny H.


My little rescue boy Harpo loves his new Helpen Pet feeder and it adds such a nice touch to the room! I decided on the 4" raised bowl - he is a pretty short guy after all. With his old bowl he always seemed to cough between mouthfuls, but the elevated bowls seem to make him much more comfortable while he's eating. Overall, I love it!

— Isabel L.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident you (and your pup) are going to love this bowl. But in the case that you don't, there's no need to worry. All of our bowls come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you have any issues at all, you can just reach out and we'll either replace the product or send you your money back. Guaranteed.

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